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Please keep Pakistan in your prayers as they have experienced massive destruction and a large number of fatalities. LVHCI® Global Relief Association will continue working hard alongside other Support Agencies and Relief Programs, to provide daily essentials for some families that have been directly affected.


To join LVHCI® Global Relief Association, call 888-971-LVHC Mon through Fri between the hours of 10A.M. and 4P.M. Eastern or email for instructions. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.


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"Your Growth is Our Priority!"

"You Must Be Born Again!"

Listen in as this anointed vessel, Phillip Cubbage shares the word of God!  What an encouraging and life changing word!

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Highlight from the message,

"Walking in the Liberty of Jesus Christ!"

Sun July 3 2022, Pastor Krys preached a power-packed message from Galatians 5:1! So enriching! So encouraging! So life changing! Remember, whom the Son has made free, is FREE INDEED! Go forth and WALK IN THE LIBERTY OF JESUS CHRIST!