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B. Daniel


LVHCI® Pakistan is a Christ-centered movement led by visionary and establishmentarian, J.D. Cubbage. have been commissioned to proclaim the glorious gospel and spread the hope of salvation that ONLY COMES through Jesus Christ. As we march onward in this work, we declare a perpetual manifestation of miracles, signs, and wonders to be wrought among men, women, and children throughout the nation; in Jesus name! Let's do it God's way as His way is the best way! It's TIME TO ESTABLISH!


With the guidance of the Holy Spirit; corporate worship services, unity prayers, healing crusades, revivals, camp meetings, and seminars are held throughout the year to minister to the needs of the people, both naturally and spiritually.  During these assemblies, we also provide meals and clothing for the less fortunate as well as provide basic educational resources for those who are unable to read and write.

Youth Empowerment Summit

LVHCI® Pak Camp Meeting

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