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What is SwordVBS?

SwordVBS is a virtual Bible study community at LVHCI®, Inc. where students enjoy learning, studying, and practicing basic biblical principles. Along side of learning these basic principles, the curriculum also includes fundamental hermeneutics and effective study techniques to ensure each student a fruitful personal Bible study experience.

Though birthed at LVHCI®,​ SwordVBS is open to anyone who has a genuine interest in biblical interpretation and those who have an earnest desire to learn how to effectively study Scripture.  If that's you, SwordVBS is for you! Join us!

We have fun!  We enjoy the learning experience together! We support one another on the journey!  "Let's Get Into Studying!"

Read.  Study.  Live.

Every 2nd &
4th Tuesday!
7P.M. ET

Moments at SwordVBS

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